Travel and accessories

Giggi Blu came to life one summer, following an unforgettable trip along the Côte d’Azur. The distinct style of the French 

coastline left its mark on the designer, which she was able to later transmit to the team, along with her own taste and personality. 
The resulting style could be compared with Boho Chic, while at the same time being highly personal.

The concept of Giggi Blu arise with the aim of completing your personal wardrobe with something that was hard to find, 
as well as decorate corners of the home with a personal touch. This is how we created our first collections for women, 
children and men accessories, as well as a range of details for the home.

The Giggi Blu team defines itself as being passionate for all things that are beautiful and unique. Creativity, good taste and 
an impeccable product finish reign supreme in the workshop. It is about creating elegant spaces, which are outside of the 
routine and the commonplace.

All our products are produced in traditional workshops in Spain, allowing us to maximize attention to detail as well as we do 
at our home workshop in Barcelona. Our main satisfaction is to offer high quality, elegant and unique items in line with your own style. 

We invite you to dive in Giggi Blu's latest travel accessories collections.

Giggi Blu, Love your style.  


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